Race Fees:        Half Marathon    $ 55                                          Limit: 200


                             5K                         $ 30            


Registrations received after January 1 

are not guaranteed a shirt.   

 Prices go up January 1 2018

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The Course

The half marathon course will be run in a COUNTER clockwise direction,  beginning on some pavement through the park and ending on the main Tashka Trail.

Half Marathon Course Description

1. The START is located near the park entrance gate house and will follow a counter-clockwise direction around the lake.  The first 1.87 miles will be on pavement.

2. After crossing the traffic bridge turn ft and follow the road to the north campground.

3. Turn left into the north campground and follow the road clockwise until you leave the north campground.

4. Continue on the road and turn left to the entrance of the north trailhead and the beginning of Tashka Trail.

5. Follow the Tashka Trail approximately 1.8 miles to the Lightning Loop.

6. Follow the Lightning Loop in a clockwise direction for .43 miles back to the Tashka Trail.

7. Turn left on Tashka Trail and follow it 7.0 miles to the Lakeside Trail.

8. Exit the Tashka Trail up a steep incline to the earth dam.

9. Follow the Lakeside Trail 2.0 miles to the finish, located at the south trailhead pavilion.

The 5K race will also start at the gate entrance and will be an easy out and back on pavement through the park.

Image description

Lakeside Trail - BLUE     

Tashka Trail - RED

Five Oaks Loop - GREEN

Lightening Loop - YELLOW